Friday, March 30, 2007

The Letter Home


I just wanted to let you know about something that
happened at school today.

The kids were supposed to do a directed writing/art
activity for our Red, White and Blue book. They had
written a sentence about George Washington with Mrs.
Fylling and sketched a picture of him riding a horse.
Since the kids didn't have time to finish during
workshop, I had them finish on their own and XXX was
one of four boys who decided NOT to follow
directions. He decided to have George Washington's
horse wounded and bleeding all over the ground.

I was so irritated because Mrs. XXXXXX had really
spent a long time working with
them on their pictures and she was sharing them with
me and Mrs. XXXXX because she was so proud of how
they came out.

I talked with the whole class about
the importance of following the teacher's directions
at school and trying to make the point that it's ok to
be creative, free-thinkers sometimes but when the
assignment is to do something specific.....

I know that boys will be boys and many of them love
the whole gun/blood/gore thing but in a portrait of G.
Washington? I hope you understand.

Anyways, I had XXX try to cover up the blood on the
ground and on the horse but I'm SO tempted to have
that group do theirs over. This was NOT the first
time I had to remind XXX of the difference between
doing what he wants and doing what the teacher is
directing him to do.

I love his art work and unique drawings but I need to
drive home the point of following directions at
school. I know this might not seem like such a big
deal but I need him to understand when and where it's
appropriate to "do your own thing". Would you pls.
talk with him about this?

Thanks so much for your help,
Mrs. X.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Eighties Mercedes

When I was little and it was in the 1980's my granny bought a used Mercedes and we had it for about 10 years. During the ten years we never replaced the old personalized license plate. We drove that car around that whole time with some other family's last name, it said TANNER. I always wondered about the Tanners'. Alf lived with a family called the Tanners. My mom loved ALF. So many coincidences always.