Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Vacation Days

Aimers has been out of office since Thursday, Thanksgiving day. It feels weird not to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of all that entails a busy office life. I haven't even made a copy or sent a fax in so long I fear I'll forget how once I do go back to work. However, the time away from the office has allowed me to make these beautiful cupcakes. G will turn six tomorrow. How exciting.


Rat Tail

This is an actual picture of a six or so year old child with a rat tail. In fact, there were about four more of them, a family, all with rat tails varying in ages from about 2 to 8 years old at the California Science Museum. This particular rat tailed child was taking digital pictures of reptiles. How totally fitting.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Top Hat

You may have asked yourself at some point in time if wearing a Top Hat is a good idea. G actually pondered this question himself as he headed out for school this afternoon. To him the top hat seemed like a great idea, until of course he sat outside waiting to get in class, when all of a sudden the top hat didn't seem like such a great idea.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Red Rocker

Can we take a moment to talk about Sammy Haggar? I mean look at this picture, he's wearing that as an actual outfit. Probably even a Cabo San Lucas party time outfit, you can tell by the iclusion of hot peppers on his converse.

Enough of that, let's get to business...look...I never understood him as a solo artist,he broke up with Montrose to later produce "I can't drive 55". Why? That song nearly made me want to kick in my car stereo every time I heard it, generally while listening to KZAP on my way to work or wherever. And when I heard a Red Rocker Rock Block, this was enough to send one Aims Aimerson over the edge.

Indeed, yes, it made me REAL mad, but then this c*ck sucker goes on to join Van Halen?! Are you kidding me??? This was a HUGE mistake if you ask me. Diamond Dave isn't replaceable, especially not with this geek. If anyone thinks changing from "Ice Cream Man" to "Right Now" is a good idea then you deserve a swift kick in the temple.

And now, did you know Sammy is currently in a new band and they call themselves Sammy Hagar and the Wabos? Apparently Michael Anthony from Van Halen fame even joins in with the Wabos (whom by the way is the one nobody cares about, the fat one!!).

And...what is Sammy's obsession with Cabo Wabo? Why did he have to write a song called 'Mas Tequila'? Why does it always have to be one big Cabo party with Sammy?

I'm so mad right now!!


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Laser Tag

Do people still play Laser Tag?

Just wonderin'.


Best Job Ever

I think the best gig you could ever get would be that of a limousine driver. Think about it, you get to dress in a suit and sometimes even a hat. Then you get to pick up people that have been drinking and are on their way to do more drinking. You get to drive the drinking people around, wherever they want to go, you know Zocalo, Mason's, the Park, Mikuni, all the cool places, and you get to wait for them, while they drink more. When they come back out you have to deal with them arguing and talking way too loud. You may also get to see disgusting sexual acts made by the drinking people, and perhaps even drive them to score cocaine, unless of course you can take care of that too. Lastly, if you are totally fortunate, some of the drinking people may even puke in your limousine, allowing you a full day's work the next day of picking up puke that someone doing purple jello shots did. All in all it sounds pretty fantastic. Doesn't it?

Just a thought. On a Saturday evening full of limousines.

Peace out friends,

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bacon Bros.

This one is for Katherine Ann.

Peace to all,

The Life of Richard

Richard is a security guard.
He's living at an apartment out on Marconi.
Richard is 37 years old and finally left home last year after his grandmother had to go into assisted living.
Richard scrambled for a place to live but luckily found a one bedroom in Chantilly Gardens that he qualified for with a co-signer, his boss James.
Richard takes bus 32 over to the Light Rail station on Watt Avenue every morning.
The problem with Richard taking Light Rail is that he carries a gun for work. His gun is an 8mm.
Richard doesn't like the stares he gets each day riding public transportation so he is in the market for a new vehichle.
Richard would like something he can afford and that is also reliable.
He would like something American made, something like a Ford Taurus or a Chevy Malibu.
Richard qualifies for a $4900 loan. This should get him into a decent vehichle.
The problem is that Richard's best friend died yesterday.
His friend was 18 years old.
His friend picked him, he didn't pick her.
She pounced his neck when he went to meet her.
Richard's best friend was a cat.
I hope Richard gets into a good American made vehichle.
Richard deserves the world.

Keep on Truckin'

I'm finding it amazing, the picture phone. It's changing the world I think, because now you have the option to document anything at any time. For instance, this large truck was driving by me on the way to work, and it looked neat to me. I whipped my camera out and took a picture. Just like that. Now it is here, for all the world to see. Or the three or so people that read this blog. How cool is that. Oh, plus I really like the saying keep on truckin'. Isn't it appropriate for any situation. Killer.

Keep on Truckin',

The Office

Hi, this is where I sit every day. From morning to night, I am here. I am typing, analyzing, reading, drinking coffee, giving advice, giving reviews, handing out paper clips, you name it. I am here. It looks a little messy, I have a lot of paperwork. I also like plants. I bring my own cleanser becasue it smells like lavender. Lavender smells so good. I have some of my own pictures in here and stuff like that, people seem to like it. I like the windows I space out daily wishing I were outside. The leaves are turning colors, it is pretty. I rarely turn on my lights. I prefer the light from the windows. Sometimes I listen to music when I'm really in a groove. I keep my door open most of the time so people can talk to me, I close the door when I'm concentrating or just having a bad day.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Makin' Bacon

This is my cousin Katherine Ann in my favorite t-shirt. We had a slumber party and thought it would be funny if we put the Bacon brother's faces in place of the pigs faces. Does anyone out there think that would be funny too?? Or just Katherine Ann and me? Maybe we had too much Dr. Pepper.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


For anyone that was worried about me drinking from stolen coffee mugs, we now have the 12oz. styrofoam cups back in stock.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Today in the life of Aimers I did lots of interesting things. I had a teleconference, I inputted auditing information, and I went to a going away luncheon. Now my day is coming to a close. I am tired and ready to head home. I will not be "in office" tomorrow. Maybe I'll write an out of office reply.

P.S. I love flourescent lighting. I will work on going to Home Depot this weekend to outfit my house with the same vibe as here at the office.



Would someone please get me the hell out of here??

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wedding Tennies

Hey gals, Aimers here to tell you about a great website for any of you thinking about getting married. This website has a beautiful collection of wedding tennis shoes. You know how hard it can be on your feet all day in a pair of stillettos? Well, here is the solution. You can dance your wedding night away with absolutley no worries...or sprained ankles.


Thank me later!!


There is a whole subset of the population that is crazy for acronyms. My brother and I were having a conversation last week about people, his wife included, using the acronym TMI. TMI apparently stands for 'too much information'.

The usage of this acronym would go something like:

" Hey guys, I have to go drop a deuce."

To which this subset of the population would respond:

"uhhhhh, TMI, Aimers!!"

Since my brother pointing TMI out to me, I've seriously heard it in use more than 5 times. This frustrates me. It could potentially stand to replace "awesome" or "you rock" in terms of phrases that annoy me.

Carry on,

J.Crew Fall Collection '05

If you ask me, nobody says biz-cas like J.Crew. Attached you will find me, Aimers, today November 8th, 2006, in my J.Crew sweater with striped collar peek a boo circa October 2005. It is now one day after the election and my friends are back!! And, congratulations are in order for Jezzie Mae, all of her hard work paid off. It's blustery here in Sac-town, thank goodness I'm in the confines of my office. I'd hate to be enjoying this fall day. Let's hope this hump day is a good one.

~Aimers Aimerson

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Now we are talking. This looks like a lot of fun. I'm thinking about getting the troupe together again once school is finished, I'll have more time on my hands. I've let my favorite hobby slip to the wayside and I'm not real happy about it. Looking at this old picture of Karen, Janice Ann, David John, Keith Kelly and me, really made me think about all of the fun times we used to have.

Bad Day :(

Oh man, what a day in the life of Aimers. I know its election day and I'm thankful that soon I'll have my friends back, but in the interim stuff is tuff. I was yelled at by a co-worker, I've had issue after issue here at work, and I've got school tonight....oh and to top it all off, I just found out K-fed and Brittany are splitsville. Thankfully I have my coach of the year encased baseball to remind me my efforts are all worthwhile.

Signing out,

Monday, November 06, 2006

Brace Face

This is my brother. He would probably kill me if he were to see this picture. He got braces this year. I'm not sure why. I liked his teeth the way they were. But, it's his life. It's just weird to see him with the braces and everything like that.

Mad for Mad

When Aimers was little she used to idolize her uncles, Jeff and Rick. They were like the coolest thing going when I was a kid. I used to spend the night at my Grandma's and Jeff and Rick would sleep until like noon, which I thought was neat. When they did wake up they would yell at my brother and I and then start torturing us. They would chase us around the house with rubber band hand guns and also bb guns. It was a real game of cat and mouse, my brother and I having to run to miss the rubber bands or bb's. They also liked to hold us down and blow motor boats with their lips onto our faces. When they weren't chasing us, blowing up matchbox cars with fire crackers, setting the next door field on fire, or giving noogies, they were reading MAD magazine. To this day I have a secret love of Alfred E. Newman and MAD magazine.

T and Me

Aimers has always realized she's looked like T-Boz, take a look for yourself. Hmmmmm.

Life's a Beach!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Also, Coach of the Year

So, I went to a couple of thrift stores with my mom and I was browsing through the movies and books when this little gem popped out at me. If you remember from my prior blog I won Coach of the Year on Oct 13, 2006 and here I am in Woodland with a Coach of the Year DVD staring right into my face. Now, this movie was made in 1980 and stars Robert Conrad and I'm not sure what it is about but it looks like he might be in a wheelchair, so I'm sure he probably had to come over a lot of obstacles and stuff to be a good coach. I can only imagine it was something like that, probably a sports related tear jerker, something that both men and women might like, maybe something like a date movie. Maybe I should have bought it. Shoot, now I wish I'd have bought it just to see if my life resembles Robert Conrad's....hmmmm, now I'm going to be wondering about this. Don't you hate when that happens, it's like you could just kick yourself. Darnit.

Well, that's it for now. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did.

Signing off,

Thursday, November 02, 2006


This morning as I got ready for work and was listening to streaming radio on my MacIntosh Home Computer System, the song Avalon by Roxy Music came on. Suddenly... it hit me. I was back at Oakgreen Circle with Jessica, the year 1988. She had a dog named Piglet, but we changed its name to Avalon because we loved that song by Roxy Music so much. We thought that was cool. Jessica also used to have a dog named Shatzi and her mom said that I reminded her of Shatzi. Shatzi died of an overdose on chocolate.

This picture isn't of Avalon but rather a picture of a dog I found online that took on a wild boar piglet as its surrogate. Weird.


Mean Muggin'

We seem to be out of the large coffee cups we usually have in the break room, so I looked through some of the cabinets and found this mug. It's not my mug and I've never been to New York. I wish it said, I love coffee.

Go Pirates!!

That's my step-mom, Rhonda.

Man Down

Last night as I drove home there was a lot of traffic. As I approached my turn onto Muir Street at dusk there was a truck stopped with a man down at the front end of the truck and another man waving his hands for help. Many people were on cell phones calling what I think must've been 911. It was creepy. I picked Gio up and we came back around and there was a fire truck and an ambulance. Gio said it was a good thing this happened in front of the fire station and the cemetery. I agree. I hope he wasn't really hit by a car but maybe just taking a nap.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Coach of the Year

Greetings sports fans. Aimers got Coach of the Year on October 13th..... 2006 has been so awesome. I almost hate that it is coming to an end, ya know?

Well, hope you are all having a great day, it looks pretty nice from my office window. I think tonight I'll make Tuna Casserole.


Business Casual

It hadn't occurred to me until Jessica mentioned it. She said that in the last year or so I dress business casual at all times, like even when I go out for a night on the town. I didn't believe it at first, but then I realized what I had on today, and she's right. I'm totally biz-cas. I'll be damned.

Technical Difficulties

Hi everyone,

The wheels are really spinning in my head and I've lots to write about, however, it seems I am having some technical difficulties in getting my pictures to post. Are any of you out there having the same problems today in blogland :)?

Anyhoo, just didn't want any of you to think that I wasn't on top of things and wasn't going to post more today.

Thank you for your understanding.