Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Evan Dando

I like saying the name Evan Dando. Evan Dando. I could say it one million times, Evan Dando.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Few Things I Don't Like.....

Accents (including baby talk)
Flourscent lighting
The term "You rock!"
Over eating
Payless Shoe Source
Scented lip gloss
Small dogs
Jamba Juice
Small Talk (chit chat)
The Beach Boys
Chicken Breasts

Tuesday, March 18, 2008




Hello everyone. As you all know I have a pretty impressive unicorn collection. Well, because I've had to replace the brakes in my car, I'm looking to make a few extra dollars. While it pains me to have to get rid of some of my unicorns I figured that maybe they'd go to a good home if one of you were able to take these off my hands. This is a Lot of 6 Enesco Rainbow Dreams Unicorn figurines. In Good Used Condition. Sorry, I dont have boxes for them. Figurines include:
Dreams Come True(with certificate of authenticity)
The Courtship(this is a set of two that when put together make a beautiful heart,has certificate of authenicity)
Butterflies and Rainbow Skies(has certificate of authenicity)
Where Bluebirds Fly(has certificate of authenicity)
Moonbeam Dreams
Chasing a Dream Buyer can also have Tender Love for FREE!!(this is a set of two that when put together make a beautiful heart, this set is damged due to a broken horn).
Asking $40 for all or $8 each

Please let me know if you are interested by EOD.

Thank you in advance.
Keep Dreaming,

Mr. Pickles

If I owned a Mr. Pickles franchise I think I would decorate mine with charcoal sketches of Princess Diana. I would also have a couple of Marilyn Monroe prints and maybe even a small Nagel by the men's bathroom. Instead of giving lollipops I would have a little jar full of Jolly Ranchers. I would sell Disney Beenie Babies. I would play light rock so that hopefully Candle in the Wind would play at least four times per 8 hour work shift.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Aimer's Lil' Sister

I was excited to find an email in my inbox this morning from my little sister. She lives in Idaho so I don't get to see her too often. But, she wrote to inform me of an award she won last week through a marketing club she is involved with through her high school. She ended up winning first place out of 80 kids that were in the running. Now she gets to go to Georgia for the National event. Aimers is very proud of her little sister.

Erin Go Bragh

Here's to St. Patrick's day and the wonderful night at Thomas Langtry's Saturday where we celebrated with Guiness, Bailey's, Jamieson's, corned beef and cabbage, a bitchin' soundtrack featuring Thin Lizzy ...Musha ring dumma do, damma da, Whack for the daddy 'ol, Whack for the daddy 'ol, There's whiskey in the jar......oh...and most importantly my best friends....BOB haircuts forever bitches!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aimer's Incomplete List of Hobbies

Hello friends,

I compiled a list of neat hobbies that you may want to consider to replace your drinking. I originally compiled this list specifically for Maureen, but thought that all of you may find it helpful

***Please note this is not a complete list of hobbies****

toy train collecting
rubber stamping
birding (calling and watching)
magic and/or illusion
radio controlled vehicles (since that one shop is right by you that sells them)
quilting/sewing/pattern making/dress making
flower arranging
lock picking
building geraniums
kite flying
freshwater or saltwater aquariums
ham radio
tombstone rubbing
watercolor painting
calligraphy (may also include writing Chinese/Japanese characters)
stamp/coin collecting
candle making (this can include soaps/lotions/and massage oils too)
metal detecting
rocking AIDS babies
building dollhouses
antique car restoration
astronomy (this goes well with hiking)
sheet shooting
butterfly watching
crossword/jigsaw puzzles
making ships in bottles
dog breeding
face painting

I hope that this list inspires you all to do something great.

Toodles, Aimers

White Zin vs. Rose

A couple of summers ago it seemed that wherever I went someone had a bottle of chilled Rose. I thought Rose was just a fancy term for White Zin, a wine I began making fun of when I started waiting tables in 1991. When you work in a restaurant it's always a certain type of lady that orders the white zin, and I don't want to be that lady. Piernas and I have been debating over white zin vs. rose forever, so let's put it to rest.

Blush and rose wines are light-bodied and usually chilled, which makes them perfect for drinking at summer picnics and barbecues. Bob Trinchero drinks his white zinfandel as a before-dinner cocktail, and also likes to pair it with spicy curry dishes.

Rose wines are made the same way as blush wines - the red grape skins are left in the juice briefly, giving the wine a pink color and minimum tannins - but they are usually drier (less sweet) than white zinfandel. Magic Boy drinks them with chicken wings and mac 'n cheese, which usually gives her a headache.

I hope this helps all of you that have also been questioning Rose wines.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher isn't related to Gallagher, but he is a comedian. He is also living in Sacramento. Throughout the years I've had several run ins with Jack Gallagher (listed below).

1. Sierra View Country Club Mid 1990's-Jack did a stand up act during one of our charity tournaments, this was during his Crystal Ice Cream years, I was starstruck.

2. Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix 4 years ago-I was going to corporate office, he was listening to I-pod, he was isle seat, I was window seat. I tried to see what he was listening to on his I-pod but this was before I got my reading glasses. I imagined it was Led Zep's ZOSO album.

3. Pancake Breakfast at Elementary School. Jack and family were standing right in front of me I was able to get this picture of him, everyone in his family is tall, his oldest son was wearing a Ramones t-shirt, skinny jeans, and checkered slip on Vans.

I have yet to work up the courage to speak to Jack Gallagher but I feel like it could happen in the coming year.