Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Baby You're a Star

You might not be able to tell but this is Star Jones Reynolds. She's lost a lot of weight since this picture was taken and she has also quit working for the syndicated TV series the View because she was having a hard time getting along with Barbara Walters, but that's all walters, I mean water under the bridge now. What Aimers realized today is that SJR looks just like a tortuga and so does Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie is the bullemic daughter of Lionel Richie but Lionel looks like a lion...I wonder if that's why his name is Lionel? Hmmm, Lionel kind of sounds like lion, well, at any rate, Star has her own website that's worth checking out. www.starjones.com You can thank me later if we become IM friends and tell me about how much you loved the website. I like the guestbook most and her dog is really, really cute. People can be so kind.

Have a blessed day,


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