Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go Ahead and Jump

I was so used to that piece of shit PC at work, pardon my lack of blogging.

Being laid off.....where do I begin? I'll start right here....wait a second, did I tell you I was laid off? Well, I am.

You know I can remember my dad, Ed, being laid off so many times as a kid. He was in construction. He drank a lot of beer. He had no education. He had me at 19 years old. He had DUI's (knocked his teeth out). He left my mom. He drove a red Trans Am. He listened to the Miami Vice soundtrack, relentlessly.

Ed Anspach's idea of a good time was pizza and a pitcher of beer. He never spent time with me even though I begged him to. Ed eventually left my beautiful mom and married a woman named Rhonda who loved air brushed blue carnations.... but.... I loved him....he was the most funny and handsome human being I'd ever witnessed....but I never wanted to be him.

While I knew it was bad that he was laid off as we lived in our Citrus Heights tract home with no car or health care; I always figured there was probably something he had done to deserve the lay off. Whether it was his lack of education, his weekends in jail, or just bad weather. There always seemed to be a reason for him not having a job.

Now, here I am pushing 36 years old, a super important bachelor's degree in hand, 16 years of dedicated work experience, any and every thing I could do not to end up like my dad....I did........and now....with all of that said.... I find I am laid off.

What gives? I took all the right precautions. I got my bachelor's degree, I mentored/tutored/spoke up/kept my mouth shut/ listened/managed/believed/gained respect/gave respect/dedicated eight years/was fair/was constructive...... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I still end up like Ed. It's frustrating. But, I have hope.

My point random thoughts... the Weston's .....the Burritos...; The Langtry's...EMC, Ed Anspach, Mary Holley, my punker Grandma who converted to a democrat this week...Delshawn, Oliver Ong, dave neilsen, IADT, UOP, SSA, SPB, EAII, OPP, hyderbad, my creative, beautiful loving oakie BEAUTIFUL son.....all of these things....lead me to believe in the HOPE that Obama spoke of tonight. The willingness to accept. Empathy. Love. Dedication. Giving. Goodness.

Live it BITCHES. In the mean time.....jump rope to the the smuggler's blues.

Shout out to Scott Bain.

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