Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Casual

Hello fans. Sorry for not writing. I've taken time off to grow out my hair and it is taking up a lot more time than I'd anticipated in the beginning. Hopefully the pay off will be worth it. Anyhow....there is something I'd like to discuss this holiday season. It is what I'd like to refer to as Christmas Casual.

This is a phenom that I noticed last week on a trip to Los Angeles. It was a bustling Friday morning at the Southwest terminal. Usually I'd be met with mid-morning business travelers decked out in their best Friday biz-cas outfits. But, because it is the month of December it seemed that everyone turned in their corporate polos and jeans for Christmas inspired sweatshirts, sweaters, and socks.

The woman I have pictured (we'll call her Denise for the sake of the article) is obviously taking care of business as pronounced with her blue tooth ear piece and smart haircut. The only difference here is that Denise is also ringing in the holidays with her head to toe Christmas ensemble paired with a very smart Gloria Vanderbilt jean. This look allows Denise to say, "hey look corporate America, not only can I talk very loudly at the airport about mundane business transactions but I can deck the halls!"

I know that Christmas is quickly approaching and I did mean to relay this information sooner so that you could dress Chris-Cas for your December Fridays, but hopefully you have one or two pot lucks before you are officially out of office.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious as always :)