Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Last night I had a pretty good idea. I mean probably a lot of people have been having ideas with this economy. Because everyone seems pretty broke and kind of looking at what to do and what not. A lot of people seem like they are growing weed. That's kind of how things are going.

Anyhow, with that said I had this dream about how I could open a really fancy bakery and all of my treats would be made with weed.

That got me thinking about my past, when I was a young Aimers. Back in like the early 90's...or was it the late 80's my granny owned a bakery in Davis. Nobody in my family knew how to bake or decorate cakes or anything like that so naturally they sent me to a cake decorating school so that at 15 I could decorate all of the cakes we had on order there with the bakery and all of that.

So, I went to this cake decorating school for a while. It was like every Tuesday night for a few months with a couple of older women who were doing it for fun and like one tweeker guy who was trying to get on at Raley's.

I took the class in that one strip mall in Citrus Heights where that Wienershnitzel used to be, I think it might be a Fuddruckers now.

The class was run by Steve. Steve was married to my granny's friend Alva, Steve was really just using Alva for her money but convinced her to open this crazy bakery where they made cookie bouquets. Steve said he used to decorate/bake cakes for all the presidents when he was secret service in the Army.

Long story short I can make some really great frosting roses and leaves and my script to write the people's birthday wishes/names is OFF THE HOOK.

That's my story. If I am able to open my bakery I will locate it in the old Phillip's bakery building on Folsom Blvd and call it Sweet Dreams--because a couple of reasons, it's a Cheech and Chong movie, this came to me in a dream, and cakes are typically sweet--made with sugar.


Liuballs said...

Where can i apply?
Amers (with no "i")

The Life of Aimers said...

Dear Liuballs,

Can you make cookie bouquets?
If so, send one my way so I can check out your work and see if you make the Sweet Dreams Team.


Anonymous said...

Sign me up for "magic" cookie. A strong one. Make that two. I'd like to rediscover my neighborhood. My feet. What it means to have no concept of time. And chocolate chips will do.

The Life of Aimers said...

I must add that my editor contacted me this afternoon to tell me the movie is Nice Dreams, not Sweet Dreams. Please forgive my absent mindedness.