Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Buzz off.

While making this the best summer ever, Aimers decided to sit on the front porch with MM and drink wine and pick peaches. Before you knew it we added to the mix, with some Liu's. Baby Liu brought her friend with her, one thing led to another and MM and I suddenly found oursleves in a very heated debate about the Cheesecake Factory with that friend. It is our belief that the Cheesecake Factory sucks, yet this girl said we couldn't form an opinion on something we had never tried. Double M and I went on to say we would never dine at a strip mall by the Good Guys and we didn't need to taste the food to determine we wouldn't be into it. Girlfriend would not let it go, and MM and I are sticking to our opinions, regardless.

After thinking about it more, I determined that I don't ever want to eat at a restaurant that hands you one of those buzzers to tell you your table is ready after a 45 minute wait. Some of these restarants may include but are not limited to:

Tony Romas
Any sort of faux texas style roadhouse steak joint
Mimi's Cafe

I think you catch my drift. What I'm saying is, you don't have to eat at one of these places to determine that you do not like it. The determentation is made obvious by the hordes of overweight white people waiting by the door smoking cigs and the parking lot full of SUV's.

Thanks for listening,
Dub A.

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