Thursday, July 05, 2007

For Sale

Aimers has one Tony Little Glider For Sale.
Glider is gently used and can no longer fit my living space.
This Glider was originally $425 but I am willing to take your best offer.

I must say I've really enjoyed the machine but my elaborate and effective cat house takes precendence over the space I had left in my den for the glider. So, I would like to give you, my fans,the opportunity to buy this machine at a low price.

Here I've listed the pros and cons of the machine as I see them to be:

Pros: Easy to use, decent aerobic and toning exercise, low impact, inexpensive, easy to vary intensity.

Cons: Heavy to move, too easy to vary intensity, not true "whole body" machine, recurring squeaks.

If you're interested give me a buzz.

Aim-Once Bitten-Twice Shy

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funbags said...

Are you willing to take a trade for said Glider? I've got lots of treasures - ranging from (real) vampire teeth to dream catchers and everything in between. Hit me on my email: