Monday, October 29, 2007


Finally, something exciting has happened. As I came into work this morning and opened the front door, I was bombarded by the huge flags you see in the picture. There are seven of them and they line the main thoroughfare of our building. No longer are you able to walk through without trying to avoid the flags, and even then, they touch the top of your head as you walk past. There is no explanation as to why the flags have been bolted to the wall, nor any discussion as to what is going on.

There is some speculation that this could have to do with PRIDE or a "Drive to /Fast Track to Success" campaign. I will keep you posted.


Lisa said...

Any updates on the flags? Lisa

The Life of Aimers said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for asking. There have been updates, and this is for a Drive to Success type of campaign, there is also a photo wall for winners.

It's awesome.