Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Performance Art Camp

I just completed the Jonesey C. Starlight Performance Art Camp off the cost of Mendocino. I've included pictures of some of the things I am now able to do, like twist through a hula hoop.

For those of you who do not have any performance art experience I would recommend this introductory course. For three days Jonesey teaches you the basics of performance art. Costuming, speaking through a bullhorn, and basic hula hooping are all part of this beginner's course. Cost of the two day seminar is only $150.00. As Jonesey explains this money will be made back in spades upon your first public performance.

I always thought I had what it would take to become a semi-professional performance artist. After this experience I am even more confident that I can make my dreams a reality.

Because Jonesey is not licensed; this course is by word of mouth only. For those of you interested, please drop me a line or call my cellular telephone.

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