Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Homo Sapien Spotting

Homo Sapien spotting in East Sacramento.

These two adult male homo sapiens were spotted Sunday in their natural environment, East Sacramento.
When observed the pair picked up dry cleaning, ate grilled chicken sandwiches with goat cheese and roasted red pepper on foccacia bread, drank a pint of Stella Artrois, and slowly made their way back to an Audi wagon with ski racks.

As evidenced by the picture the homo sapiens were in weekend wear. Cargo shorts with extra pockets, light blue button ups, and flip flops (was not close enough to see if they were Havianas, looked like something from American Eagle).

In my professional opinion the two probably know one another from attending Sacramento State. It would also be safe to assume that both have given best man speeches at some point in their lives and that they were spending time together, only briefly, while their girlfriends were getting mani/pedis.

My investigation of the species continues.

Dr. Aimerstein

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