Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The blind leading.....

Now that Aimers doesn't have cable television she is forced, not only to speak in third person, but to watch regular old television.

This means fidgeting with the bunny ears atop my hand me down television sans remote control until I pick up a signal. For the last two weeks I've been able to somewhat see American Idol on Tuesday nights.

I'm not sure who else has watched this, but it feels like I'm slowly watching the world crumble. It's horrible. Not only that, they've allowed a blind man to perform. Which, I guess is fine, but how about a little forewarning? Dark glasses? Cane? I don't know.

As I was trying to do a morning talky talk with my co-workers I suggested how creepy American Idol was and how this one guy in particular really freaked me out, the guy that played the piano. Everyone giggled at me and told me he was actually blind. That made a little more sense, I guess. But...what the fuck? What in the fuck is going on?


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