Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ah brother.

I know some of my fans were inquiring about Burning Man and stuff, well this just in dudes:

And from our Burning Man bureau, The climax of the annual Burning Man bacchanalia in a Nevada desert was scheduled for Saturday, when the 40,000-plus attendees were to gather around the 40-foot-high man-statue and watch him burn.

"Instead, the effigy went up in flames four days prematurely early Tuesday, and a San Francisco resident faces felony arson and destruction-of-property charges in connection with the crime of burning Burning Man too early .

Police have a suspect in custody, and from the looks of things, he's not all that upset.

"Someone went to a great extent to interfere with everyone else's burn. I think, frankly, an attention whore has made a plea for attention," said a Burning Man volunteer who goes by the name Ranger Sasquatch ."


Anonymous said...

i wanna bone that renegade.

The Life of Aimers said...