Monday, September 10, 2007

Crash Em' Up Derby

Hi there,

I found this little feller in Auburn last night. He was the consummate professional, announcer, for the crash em' up derby at the Auburn County Fair yesterday and what a job he did. Not only did he keep his cool, for over two hours by doing wide leg stances while announcing, he got the crowd excited by instigating a dueling shouting match from each side of the bleachers, you know...."ok EVERAY BODAY on that side I want you to say WATER.... and on this side I wanna hear you say TRUCK", and then as he'd cup his ear to one side, they'd scream "WATER!!!", and then he'd do that cutsey fake jog back to the other side with an ear cup and a motion of the arm to be really loud and the crowd would go wild "TRUCK!!!" and so on and so forth, total professional. I snapped this photo of him, when he was shooting the shit with the guy next to me, but as he saw me take it he came up, put his arm around Gio and gave a "shit eating grin" posing for another picture. God, it really doesn't get much better!!


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