Monday, April 14, 2008

Green With Envy?

There have been many exciting things happening to Aimers this month, but none that can compare to what happened to me in the last two days. Around 4:00 today I was notified that I'd won a raffle. Here at the office we are doing our part in going green. With Earth Day quickly approaching the Go Green Team is raffling many useful items that, help us, help our environment. Each day this week a raffle prize winner is determined, and, as you can see by the name was chosen. To my surprise I won a bicycle helmet AND water bottle, both green (get it?). It's really funny because I'm always the one that's all "I never win anything", and now here I am WINNING a bicycle helmet and a bird show in the very same week.

I'm overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude for my good fortune.
Have a great evening.


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