Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Welp folks, I finally created the word I was looking for and it is FLONTAGE. Flontage is a verb and it represents the finger action that contestants on shows like American Idol or Dancing With the Stars do during voting ceremonies. This picture shows Sanjayah flontaging. He wants the American public to vote for him and his voting number ends in four. Instead of holding up four fingers, Sanjaya flontages. He uses two fingers on both hands to represent four...two plus two equals four. He probably flipped his fingers back and fourth and may have even done a dance in which he took the twos and held them to his eyes kind of like how John Travolta danced in Pulp Fiction.

Please note this word was created and is trademarked by me, but you can use it as often as you'd like.

Good day,

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Laurence Miall said...

I flont with both hands for your blog. Always exciting, often hilarious.