Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stuff is Tuff

Young, Hand-fed, Tame, Male, Blue & Gold Macaw needs new home. He comes with his DNA sexing certificate (paid $50.00), California Cage with Playtop-largest made (paid $900.00), his manzanita stand on wheels (paid $60.00), a rope perch (paid $35.00) for use inside or outside the cage, his shower perch(paid $35.00), his toys (paid over $150.00)of which there are many, and a half bag (20 lbs.) of Kaytee Exact Macaw food plus food treats. I will not split this up, it all goes as one package because I want him to have the as much of the life he is used to and things he is comfortable with so the change will be as non-stressful as possible. He will come with a list of phrases and tricks. Please realize this is a huge investment and my rehoming fee will reflect this.

He is a very social bird and needs a lot of time. He says about 25 phrases (no 4 letter words!) plays games (Peek-a-Boo and "Up-Down-Left-Right"), dances when you sing or play music for him, waves to you by picking up his foot and curling and uncurling his toes several times in rapid succession, does a high five, loves to go anywhere and especially on car rides (on the passenger seat back or passenger head rest). He loves to be petted on his head, neck, upper back, under his wings, and can lay in your arms like a baby for a tummy rub. He will eat whatever you eat and can use a spoon to eat.

I am asking a rehoming fee (somewhat negotiable), expect a visit from a prospective owner to meet him, and will then do a home check. I want the best home for him and am dedicated to finding that home. Anyone looking to breed, have several other large birds, or are not experienced with large birds need not apply

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