Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Island Time.

I'm on self declared Island Time from now until who knows when, I couldn't tell you because I don't have a watch or a calendar, because I'm so relaxed and nothing bothers me. If you aren't familiar with Island Time you should be. Island Time is all about major chillin' (maxin' and relaxin'). Whether you live near the beach or just visit Blue Gecko on Wednesday nights on the Sacramento River. It's totally, totally, chill. It's all about kickin' it. Island Time means you can always wear flip flops and shorts (24-7). When you think about Island Time, think about Matthew McConaughey ( or your most recent visit to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville ( Are you catchin' my drift; mon? If you are, then you should come check me out this weekend at:

The Beach Hut Deli Jam Sesh
3p.m. to 4:15.
North Natomas
3654 North Freeway Blvd.
Suite 325
Sacramento, CA
Tele: (916) 575-7500

I will be playing the bongo/steel drum in an effort to raise money to go to Sandals, Jamaica with my juggling troupe in September.

No shoes? No shirt? NO PROBLEM!!

Zion and One Love
Hope to see you at the show,

***Island Time should in no way be referred to as chillaxin'******


Anonymous said...

The other day I saw a license plate that said: SMYHAGR

I think this person was all about Island Time as well.

The Life of Aimers said...

That sounds a little more like Cabo Wabo time.