Saturday, November 18, 2006

Best Job Ever

I think the best gig you could ever get would be that of a limousine driver. Think about it, you get to dress in a suit and sometimes even a hat. Then you get to pick up people that have been drinking and are on their way to do more drinking. You get to drive the drinking people around, wherever they want to go, you know Zocalo, Mason's, the Park, Mikuni, all the cool places, and you get to wait for them, while they drink more. When they come back out you have to deal with them arguing and talking way too loud. You may also get to see disgusting sexual acts made by the drinking people, and perhaps even drive them to score cocaine, unless of course you can take care of that too. Lastly, if you are totally fortunate, some of the drinking people may even puke in your limousine, allowing you a full day's work the next day of picking up puke that someone doing purple jello shots did. All in all it sounds pretty fantastic. Doesn't it?

Just a thought. On a Saturday evening full of limousines.

Peace out friends,

1 comment:

Mr. Man said...

I started my night in a limo with jello shots and ended it alone in a cab drunk dialing.