Wednesday, November 08, 2006

J.Crew Fall Collection '05

If you ask me, nobody says biz-cas like J.Crew. Attached you will find me, Aimers, today November 8th, 2006, in my J.Crew sweater with striped collar peek a boo circa October 2005. It is now one day after the election and my friends are back!! And, congratulations are in order for Jezzie Mae, all of her hard work paid off. It's blustery here in Sac-town, thank goodness I'm in the confines of my office. I'd hate to be enjoying this fall day. Let's hope this hump day is a good one.

~Aimers Aimerson


Matt said...

You look not unlike Diane Sawyer in this picture.

Mob Crew said...

I think she also looks a little like Martha Stewart.