Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Life of Richard

Richard is a security guard.
He's living at an apartment out on Marconi.
Richard is 37 years old and finally left home last year after his grandmother had to go into assisted living.
Richard scrambled for a place to live but luckily found a one bedroom in Chantilly Gardens that he qualified for with a co-signer, his boss James.
Richard takes bus 32 over to the Light Rail station on Watt Avenue every morning.
The problem with Richard taking Light Rail is that he carries a gun for work. His gun is an 8mm.
Richard doesn't like the stares he gets each day riding public transportation so he is in the market for a new vehichle.
Richard would like something he can afford and that is also reliable.
He would like something American made, something like a Ford Taurus or a Chevy Malibu.
Richard qualifies for a $4900 loan. This should get him into a decent vehichle.
The problem is that Richard's best friend died yesterday.
His friend was 18 years old.
His friend picked him, he didn't pick her.
She pounced his neck when he went to meet her.
Richard's best friend was a cat.
I hope Richard gets into a good American made vehichle.
Richard deserves the world.

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