Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Office

Hi, this is where I sit every day. From morning to night, I am here. I am typing, analyzing, reading, drinking coffee, giving advice, giving reviews, handing out paper clips, you name it. I am here. It looks a little messy, I have a lot of paperwork. I also like plants. I bring my own cleanser becasue it smells like lavender. Lavender smells so good. I have some of my own pictures in here and stuff like that, people seem to like it. I like the windows I space out daily wishing I were outside. The leaves are turning colors, it is pretty. I rarely turn on my lights. I prefer the light from the windows. Sometimes I listen to music when I'm really in a groove. I keep my door open most of the time so people can talk to me, I close the door when I'm concentrating or just having a bad day.


Lance rickhouse said...

Total big shot.

Matt said...

You should get one of those Zen sand raking deals, all budhist like.