Thursday, November 02, 2006


This morning as I got ready for work and was listening to streaming radio on my MacIntosh Home Computer System, the song Avalon by Roxy Music came on. Suddenly... it hit me. I was back at Oakgreen Circle with Jessica, the year 1988. She had a dog named Piglet, but we changed its name to Avalon because we loved that song by Roxy Music so much. We thought that was cool. Jessica also used to have a dog named Shatzi and her mom said that I reminded her of Shatzi. Shatzi died of an overdose on chocolate.

This picture isn't of Avalon but rather a picture of a dog I found online that took on a wild boar piglet as its surrogate. Weird.



Jezzie Mae said...

It's worth mentioning that we were smoking a lot of marijuana when we decided that Piglet was Avalon. In addition, it's Schatzi and it means 'little treasure' in German. Schatzi was a Dauchsand.

Wetnap said...

Hence, Weiner Dog, which really should have been Aimers nickname. When I was little we had a cat my older brother named Jimmy Page.

The Life of Aimers said...

I knew I was going to get the spelling of that name wrong, Schatzi...I also knew that jezzie mae would correct me. Yes, we found jezzie mae's mom's pot stash and smoked it for months. She abandoned the house and left us there to smoke out and have parties on the rooftop.

Wetnap: Weird, we used to work with a guy named Gordon who had a Springer Spaniel named Jimmy Paige.

Life, right?