Friday, January 11, 2008

Being an Aunt

Dudes, as you know I adore being a mom. It's my greatest since of accomplishment and my kid is the most fun and creative guy that I've ever met. He keeps me laughing non-stop and makes me think in different ways.

But, being an Aunt is also pretty fucking great. Being an Aunt means you don't have to stay too long, but that you get to dole out sugar and let your niece stay up way too late. Being an Aunt means that your niece can eat as many Bartlett pears as she wants while smashing them into her pretty pink clothing. Being an Aunt means that everyone can run wild and make a mess and I don't even have to pick it up. But most importantly, being an Aunt means that I am somebody's favorite person, and that's just cool.

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t. said...

i feel the same way!