Friday, January 11, 2008

Fur Trimmed Even

One of our own has a pair of pink fur lined crocs. They are kept by her front door. She says she uses them around the house and hasn't actually left the house with them on, but later admitted to taking the garbage to the street in them. I got this action shot of the crocs on a current visit to her East Sacramento home. I'm not sure how I feel about any of it. Only time will tell if these wounds can be healed.


jezzie mae said...

You left out one very important detail about said fur-lined Crocs: a certain five year old boy hand- picked them for his mom for a Christmas present. While I have my suspicions that this boy may have picked them out in the hopes that I would instead let him wear them, I remain committed to proudly wearing my pink Crocs at home and in the backyard whilst taking out the trash. thanking you in advance, jezzie mae

The Life of Aimers said...

That's what she said.