Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let's Not Forget

In the not so far away past this was what Katie Holmes looked like. Herpes, long lifeless hair, glasses, total NERD!, agreed? Over the last year, with the help of her robotic and scientologic husband, she has transformed into a sort of modern day vampire blow up doll yet American sweetheart. It's creepy. I don't get it, but will say, that this transformation will hopefully gives girls like Britney some hope and peace of mind that they to can turn it all around. Maybe instead of having turned to Madonna and the kaballah, Britney should've turned over $19.95 to buy that L.Ron Hubbard book and had been able to have Tom and Katie at her beckon call. Hopefully, it isn't too late, and if all else fails, Dr. Phil seems to have it handled.

I'm rooting for you BRIT!!

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Anonymous said...

my favorite thing about sir katie holmes is that she calls her 2 year old daughter an "amazing woman."