Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Attempt at Going Green

Saturday afternoon, was beautiful and sunny. Taking a cue from the recent media onslaught of all the white people going green, we decided to pick the orange tree in the front yard. Winding up with nearly 100 ripe, juicy Naval oranges, we made a sign and took the fruits of our labor to the corner over by Crepeville (douche central). It was an uncomfortable feeling, being stared and pointed at by the weekender in Curtis Park crowd. But, within minutes a Volvo, corn powered VW Westfalia, and Toyota Prius all pulled up in unison. People were out of their cars with their recyleable grocery bags in hand, filling them to the top with our delicious and well priced oranges. We sold out in under 10 minutes.

We took the $10 we made and bought a pack of cigarettes and some gasoline.
It really ended up being worth our while and this just goes to show how much money we can make off of these go-green bastards.

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